Here's how it works:
- YOU vote on the 2 pro-gamers you want to see go head-to-head in a Bo7.
- YOU vote on the 2 commentators you want to cast the Bo7 (experimental idea, subject to change; the commentators can cast the Bo7 directly on their streams).
- WE organize & finance the event through matcherino, starting off with a prize pool of $125 ($100 to the winner of the Bo7, $25 to the loser).

Now, we love democracy. We'll try to always pick the 2 players / commentators with the most votes. But depending on their availability / interest (and good old fashioned polling trolling, such as the Deez Nuts moment), this may not be possible: in this case, we will go down the list in voting order.

This is our provisional schedule for the 1st edition of The People's Challenge:
- The voting phase will be open for two weeks (until January 3, 2021); we'll provide updates on the rankings on Reddit throughout that period
- On the week of January 4, 2021, we will confirm the participants (both on the player and caster side), set up the matcherino event with the $125 prize pool, and confirm the time of the event!

For the 1st Edition of the People's Challenge, everyone will be able to vote (even if you aren't a free member of the Dank Templars). And if you like this initiative and our weekly SC2 newsletter, consider subscribing (free forever) to the Dank Templars! Higher sub numbers help us attract more sponsorships to increase prize pools, run more events, and (hopefully, down the line) be in a good position to organize a major / premier event for this amazing community.

Thanks for all the love you've shown the Dank Templars so far, and without further ado, let the voting begin! (and if you have trouble seeing the form below on mobile, you can click here to vote directly on Google forms).

EDIT: the voting period has closed! Thank you to everyone that voted! We are now contacting the top players and commentators to get this Bo7 showmatch confirmed as soon as possible. We'll post any updates here. And here's what the top of the leaderboard look like (number of votes in parentheses):

  • Players: Serral (45), TY (22), Maru (19), ByuN (17), Dark (16), PartinG (13), Harstem (12), Rogue (12), Reynor (11), Clem (9)