A good slew of Starcraft II matches last week, as we get closer to the holiday season. Here are some of the highs!



"hey, looks like I'm way ahead! 10 templar, tons of chargelots, stalkers, and a few collosi!" "oh shit he EMP'd. It'll be fine though I can just kite backwards." "what? He's stimming right there.. where did my collosi go?" "ok archon time!" "where did my archons go?" drops in the main right as I move out. "alright I'm way ahead, lets do some eco damage and maybe even win!" "oh no he's dropping. I'd better recall!" "ok, he got away without losing a single marine... that's fine." "shit, now he has more time to get tanks and PFs. I need to kill him, now!" "ANOTHER FUCKING DROP? ok better recall.. crap! it's off cooldown! I could either go back home or turn it into an all-in; either way it looks like I'll lose. terran imba."

So, we received this Rage Rant last week. From a Protoss player hating on Terran. Yes, we repeat: a PROTOSS player hating on TERRAN. Now, this goes against the usual whining dynamics in SC2 (for a refresher on whining dynamics, check out the Rage Rant of the Week in this issue of the newsletter).
But back to this gem, this pretty poem of Protoss pain. Self-inflicted pain, to some extent, it must be said, a bit like a disruptor shot hitting your own zealots (alas, we know this feeling all too well). We might be wrong, but it feels to us that you don't have enough map vision, and an addiction to F2. Observers are your friend, never get surprised by drops again. Unless you stack them all on your army because of F2. And if you absolutely can't stop using F2, and can't split some of your army across bases (with cannon + shield battery), then maybe it's time to make the same face as the gif above and start going on the offensive more often.

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Intermediate Scouting - Welcome to Starcraft
Full Playlist(Videos may not be released yet)https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFUDU8AOevUfLTtmAeBf1mvJ1VIa7dy0gLike the content? Then consider to leave...
Scouting is much more than just sending a worker across the map because the pros seem to do it. Learn how to properly weaponize your scouting knowledge and hopefully win more games!


Busy week and couldn't catch up on the best Starcraft II matches? No worries - we got you covered.

[2020 GSL ST S2] Ro.8 Match1 TY vs Dark
[2020 GSL SuperTournament II] Day3(Ro.8): TY, Dark, sOs, Trap, Stats, INnoVation, Rogue, Maru
Why would you watch a 2-hour movie, when you can watch a 2-hour match between TY (T) and Dark (Z) casted by Tastosis??
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ByuN (T) goes up against SpeCial (T) in the ESL Open Cup Americas semi-finals
Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers.
HeRoMaRinE (T) tends to dominate the Europeans in the ESL Open Cup; but can he also dominate Korean legends, such as Stats (P)?
[2020 GSL ST S2] Grand Finals Trap vs Stats (Part1)
[2020 GSL SuperTournament II] Day4(Ro.4-Finals): TY, Trap, Stats, Rogue
A good old PvP between Trap and Stats; watch the second part of the series here
Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers.
Another European, Elazer (Z), measures his skills against Korean legend Stats (P); who will come out on top?
Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers.
Maru (T) goes up against Bunny (T) in the KR qualifiers for DH SC2 Masters Last Chance 2021 - Bunny's been playing well as of late, can he take down the legend Maru?


The holiday season is close by, and besides TSL, there won't be any major tournaments until January of next year. But despair not! There is still much Starcraft II action to catch:

  • TSL6: the action continues Saturday, December 19, and ends the next day; don't miss out on what looks like an amazing ending to an amazing tournament!
  • Qualifiers for the DH SC2 Masters Last Chance 2021 continue next week - check out the Liquipedia page here for times and streamers
  • Look out for a major announcement from the Dank Templars on Reddit ;)


  • GSL SuperTournament 2 2020: Trap (P), teamless, takes it over Stats (P) in the finals, 4-3; how is Trap still teamles?? Also, 1st time a Protoss wins a major tournament in what seems like 234876 years!
  • ESL Open Cup #48, EU: HeRoMaRinE (T) takes it over Elazer (Z) 3-2; HeRoMaRinE now has 22 ESL Open Cup wins, a record
  • ESL Open Cup #48, KR: Stats (P) beats Rogue (Z) in the finals, 3-1
  • ESL Open Cup #48, AM: Continuing the tradition of non-Americas players dominating the Americas Cup, Korean legend ByuN (T) takes it over his fellow Korean Zest (P) 3-1

That's it for this week nerds. Thanks for reading, and tell your Starcraft friend(s) about us! If you wish to support/contribute, you can do so here! Keep raging and keep pwning. GLHF!