The last Starcraft II premier / major tournament of the year came to a close last weekend, with some amazing action! Here's a quick recap of last week, including a special announcement from the Dank Templars ;)


Lord, I have failed Thee, yet again.


Maybe it's the Christmas spirit calming everyone down, but we haven't received any rage rants from our readers last week! We hope this means you are pwning on ladder and have solved all of your Starcraft II problems, including how to deal with Ravengers. We're not gonna lie, the Ravenger, not our favorite unit. We usually don't have a problem dealing with them, but we made this (not exactly accurate) realization when watching Dark (Z) play in the TSL 6 last week: Ravengers are basically siege tanks that are both unsieged and sieged at the same time (as they can bile and attack normally without sieging).

Ravengers should be called Schrodinger's tank.

Ok, we're gonna stop here, before we turn this lack of rage rant into a proper rage rant.


StarCraft 2 - 5 EASY and Useful Micro Tricks ! (Protoss, Terran and Zerg)
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Busy week and couldn't catch up on the best Starcraft II matches? No worries - we got you covered.

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ByuN (T) goes up against Stats (P) in this Bo5 from the Olimoleague #212
StarCraft 2 - BYUN vs MARU - Theatre of Dreams | Match 6
StarCraft 2 cast featuring BYUN vs MARU brought to you by Alpha X!Event Page - https://www.alpha...
2 of the best Terrans, Maru and ByuN, go head-to-head in this Bo3
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Astrea (P) and Rogue (Z) in a Bo5 qualifying match for the DH Masters Last Chance 2021 tournament - what's not to like?
Serral vs Clem (CHEESE VS MACRO!) - DreamHack Masters Qualifier BO5 (ZvT)
SERRAL VS CLEM WOOP WOOP HYPE HYPE!! From the DreamHack SC2 Masters Last Chance EU Qualifier.Played : 15th December 2020Full tournament information : https:/...
Another DH Masters qualifier Bo5 between 2 of the top 4 Europeans, Clem (T) and Serral (Z)
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So many good games came out from TSL6, and we can't possibly include them all here. Here's one match from Day 5 that we highly enjoyed: Maru (T) takes on Solar (Z) in a Bo5
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And another TvZ from day 6, between Maru (yes, again, who doesn't love that guy) and Elazer: can the European Zerg cause an upset?


No major / premier tournament next week, but still some good action to catch! For example, check out the weekly ESL Open Cup #50 on Monday, a Bo11 showmatch between INnoVation (T) and Solar (Z) also on Monday, and the Olimoleague #213 on Tuesday.

Also, we promised last week that we had a major announcement, so here it is: we are launching a new SC2 showmatch series called the Dank Templars - the People's Challenge, where YOU get to choose the participants! Check it out here and vote.


  • TSL6: Dark wins the tournament with a 4-0 ZvZ finals victory over Serral (!!) - what an amazing run Dark had, beating the likes of PartinG (P), Rogue (Z), Reynor (Z), ShoWTimE (P), Maru (T), and ByuN (T). Well deserved!
  • ESL Open Cup #49, EU: Lambo (Z) wins his 1st Open Cup (Lambros rejoice!) with a finals victory over souL (T) 3-0
  • ESL Open Cup #49, KR: Solar (Z) wins 3-0 over his ESL rival Stats (P)
  • ESL Open Cup #49, AM: In another 3-0, Zest (P) takes it over Zoun (P)

That's it for this week nerds. Thanks for reading, and if you wish to support/contribute, you can do so here! Keep raging and keep pwning. And to those who celebrate, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! GLHF!