The last full week before the end of the year was a bit of a calm one, due to the holidays. But there was still some nice SC2 action, so read on!


u/4zzin came up with this meme on reddit; it hurt so much that we decided to include it here


Colossi. What's up with that War of the Worlds bullshit unit? I feel like it's impossible to engage, its range is ridiculous, and it just melts all my ground units that are busy trying to deal with invincible chargelots. And if I try to attack colossi with vikings, it just seems like stalkers and storm just wreck them.

Now, we usually play Protoss and don't want to give Terrans an edge against us on ladder. So we'll give some elements of an answer, but it should be enough: engage from multiple sides + tanks + ranged libs + actual target fire the colossi. Good luck, hope we meet on ladder :))


Busy week and couldn't catch up on the best Starcraft II matches? No worries - we got you covered.

PROXY HATCH “CHEESE” IS NEW Terran vs Zerg META?! (Clem vs Bly)
Terran Clem and Zerg Bly face off in one of the most ridiculous, epic series in the ESL Open Cup Finals! Clem desperately tries to play a macro game and Bly ...
Who knew a Bo5 between Clem (T) and Bly (Z) would be so entertaining?
StarCraft 2 - BUNNY vs INNOVATION - ITaX Trovo Weekly #15 | Finals
StarCraft 2 cast featuring BUNNY vs INNOVATION brought to you by Alpha X!Event Page - https:/...
Bo7 between INnoVation (T) and Bunny (T) - Bunny's TvT is good, but is it good enough to take down one of the all time greats?
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Zest (P) and Solar (Z) go head-to-head in the Bo5 semi-finals of the ESL Open Cup #50 (Americas)
StarCraft 2 - DREAM vs PRINCE - ITaX Super Series #41 | Ro4
StarCraft 2 cast featuring DREAM vs PRINCE brought to you by Alpha X!Event Page - https://www...
Dream (T) goes up against Prince (P) in this Bo5


Major SC2 tournaments are back! The OSC Championship 8, with a $5k+ prize pool, starts on Saturday and goes on for a week. We'll be watching this one for sure.

Thankfully, you don't have to wait until Saturday to quench your SC2 thirst! Check out some of these events:

Also, here's a quick update on the Dank Templars - the People's Challenge #1, a Bo7 showmatch between 2 pros of your choice! With 78 votes in so far, here's how things look:

  • Player vote leaderboard (number of votes in parentheses): Serral (24), TY (12), Maru (11), Dark (11), ByuN (11), PartinG (9), Harstem (9)

Voting is still open this week. Vote and tell your friends / pros / casters! Prize pool is $125. For more info and to vote, click here.


  • ESL Open Cup #50, EU: Did anyone order a cheese pizza with extra cheese on top? In an ... unorthodox but entertaining finals, Clem (T) takes down Bly (Z) 3-2
  • ESL Open Cup #50, KR: Zest (P) takes it over Trap (P), 3-1
  • ESL Open Cup #50, AM: Zest (P) tries to win 2 Open Cups in a week, but is stopped 3-0 by cheeky boy PartinG (P) in the finals

That's it for this week nerds. Thanks for reading, and if you wish to support/contribute, you can do so here! We also wish you a Happy New Year full of success on ladder (and also in the real world). Keep raging and keep pwning. GLHF!