1st premier tournament of 2021 out of the way, and many more to come (if the world doesn't end)!  Check out last week's SC2 action below, and a preview of the amazing week of SC2 we have ahead of us!


So this is why Protoss players are so good with the ladies. (Post got banned from Reddit, but enjoy!)


Zerg is too good. I just don't understand how it's fair that Zerg can so easily tech switch. Oh, you have 100 roaches? Let me build some immortals and disruptors. Oh, now you have 30 mutas? Well sh*t let me build some emergency stalkers that can't even keep up. Finally have enough stalkers to deal with the mutas? Oh yeah take 50 banelings to the face. It's just too hard to keep up. Zerg is just too flexible, they don't need to commit to anything. If a unit they build is now useless, they just morph it into something useful (ling -> bane, hydra -> lurker, roach -> ravager, corruptor -> brood lord). F*cking. Disgusting. I can only do that with high templars. What a joke of a race.

Lol easy just play like Trap. Good luck on ladder.

Just kidding. I know a lot of people like to shit on Zerg for being an OP race (hell, even we love to do that from time to time), but you must realize: it really takes an astounding amount of skill to play Zerg well. There are so many things you have to do perfectly, or else, you'll just be behind. Things like constantly injecting on time, creep spread, good overlord placement, knowing when to drone and when not to, properly engaging from multiple fronts, spamming 500 APM for no reason, etc. It's not easy.
We're not saying to shit on your rage and whining parade. We're saying this to actually motivate you: in the metal leagues and in diamond, our experience is that if you do economic damage to the Zerg early game, they will never recover. Try out a 4-adept harass build - we're even including a few tutorials below!
And if you can't manage to slow the Zerg down in the early game, well... good luck and try not to rage too much at the expected outcome of the game! Or try some sneaky DTs - you may as well.

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Today, we will help out our Protoss friends against Zerg. Check out some adept-based tutorials below to help you on ladder.

PiG Plays Adept Pressure PvZ - Newbie Stream
This is a highlight from my newbie/beginner stream where I play a PvZ adept opening, focusing on having a clear and simple build order with pressure built in...
Build Order Tutorial: PvZ Zest’s 4 Gate Adept Attack
This build was used a bunch at IEM Katowice by Zest. You can find the replay in the public Katowice replay pack.13 Pylon - ScoutChrono Nexus16 Gateway17 Assi...


Busy week and couldn't catch up on the best Starcraft II matches? No worries - we got you covered.

ShoWTimE vs Solar - OSC Championship Lower Finals! (PvZ)
ShoWTimE and Solar in the lower bracket finals for the OSC Championship Season 8!Played : 11th January 2021Full tournament information : https://liquipedia.n...
ShoWTimE (P) v Solar (Z), alien v insect, Europe v Korea: who will win?
SC2 - INnoVation vs. Reynor - DH SC2 Masters 2020: Last Chance 2021 - Group C
DH SC2 Masters 2020: Last Chance 2021https://pro.eslgaming.com/tour/2020/11/open-qualification-for-dreamhack-sc2-masters-last-chance/Join in the discussion:h...
INnoVation (T) Reynor (Z): does this even need an introduction?
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Zest (P) goes up against Nice (T) in a Bo5 in the ESL Open Cup
SC2 - TY vs. INnoVation - DH SC2 Masters 2020: Last Chance 2021 - Quarter-final
DH SC2 Masters 2020: Last Chance 2021https://pro.eslgaming.com/tour/2020/11/open-qualification-for-dreamhack-sc2-masters-last-chance/Join in the discussion:h...
For all our chess lovers, here's a TvT between 2 of the best Terrans ever to play the game: INnoVation and TY
Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers.
Bo7 between the best Protoss in the world, Trap, and the best Zerg in the world, Serral? Yeah you don't want to miss this.


Major/premier tournaments:

  • WardiTV 2021: qualifiers start this Tueday, and the tournament starts on Saturday. With a current prize pool of $8,300, we know some amazing players are going to join!
  • Cheeseadelphia Winter Championship 2021: Starting Sunday, this $10,000 tournament features players like ByuN, MaxPax, Zoun, DongRaeGu, Ragnarok, SpeCial... Be sure to check it out!

Smaller events:

The Dank Templars events:


  • OSC Championship 8: In an all European finals, Clem (T) takes it over ShoWTimE (P), 4-1
  • DH Masters: Last Chance 2021: Trap (P) overcomes a 1-3 deficit in the finals against Serral (Z) and ends up winning it 4-3. Finally, Protoss wins another tournament! Time to nerf (jk)?
  • ESL Open Cup #53, EU: MaNa (P) wins his 1st ESL Open Cup with a 3-0 win over Harstem (P) in the finals; his run also included a win against Clem (T), very impressive!
  • ESL Open Cup #53, KR: Zest (P) takes it over Trap (P), 3-2
  • ESL Open Cup #53, AM: And you know what? Zest (P) decided that one win isn't enough. He hopped on the AM edition of the tournament and took that too, with a 3-1 win over Solar (Z) in the finals

That's it for this week nerds. Thanks for reading, and if you wish to support/contribute, you can do so here! Keep raging and keep pwning. GLHF!