Bye-bye 2020, and welcome 2021. StarCraft II continues on, despite the pesky server issues!



What's up with void ray rushes? I swear, every PvP I played after the new year was a void ray rush. It's so frustrating. And with 100 shield batteries, making those big-nosed flying shits impossible to kill, how do you deal with it? I think I rage quit half of my games now because of this.

Rage quitting half of your games? Then you're in the right place son. Here at the Dank Templars, we are rage experts. Indeed, we believe that a gamer who hasn't rage quit at some point in his life isn't truly a gamer. But beware: too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Look at Anakin. His rage and his hate served as motivation, it fueled him, made him stronger (if you're not convinced, ask Count Dooku's head). But he just couldn't stop raging. And then look what happened to him: he just got stormed to death by a hideous High Templar named Sidious. You don't want the same thing happening to you, do you??

Luckily for you, we've also experienced a massive increase in void ray rushes in PvP after the new year. Not sure why, maybe some twisted new year resolution. And dealing with it isn't hard, as long as you scout it early. So, in PvP: send an early scout (after your 1st pylon is fine). Then once you're in his base, stay alive, and observe: if time goes by and your opponent has one gate, a cyber, 2 gases, no expansion, and a suspicious lack of pylons, then your opponent is building a smelly cheese platter. Your job is to knock that cheese platter straight in the trash can. How? Immediately send another scout around your base and figure out what's going on. The beautiful thing about void ray rushes is that the proxy location has to be close to your base: so, it will be quite easy to find.
And once you confirm it's a proxy void ray rush, there are multiple ways of dealing with this. One easy low APM way (that should work in the metal leagues + diamond), is to make sure you expand, build another gate, build a stargate, and build 4+ shield batteries. We've noticed that the combination of stalker + phoenix wrecks void rays. And once you feel your defense is secure enough with your stalkers + shield batteries, send your phoenixes across the map to murder his economy.
This should work like a charm. And if it doesn't... well... we guess it's time to rage quit again.

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PartinG’s Four Gate Semi All-In | Build-Order Guide
We take a look at what my good friend PartinG has been up to.Replay Vs ai: Vs heromarine:https://lotv.spawningtool...
For our 1st university lesson of 2021, we wanted to go back on PartinG's amazing blink stalker build. It changed our lives - when playing Protoss, we cried of joy, and when playing Terran, we just cried. If you haven't tried this yet - have fun.


Busy week and couldn't catch up on the best Starcraft II matches? No worries - we got you covered.

StarCraft 2 - BYUN vs ZEST - ITaX Super Series #42
StarCraft 2 cast featuring BYUN vs ZEST brought to you by Alpha X!Event Page -
Do you have a few hours to spare? No? What if we told you it's to watch a Bo11 (all maps played) between ByuN (T) and Zest (P)? Get the popcorn ready!
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European ShoWTimE (P) goes up against Korean Armani (Z) in a Bo5 in the group stages of the OSC Championship
Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers.
Check out this Bo5 between Solar (Z) and Zest (P) in the semi-finals of the ESL weekly Open Cup KR
Zest vs Cure - Kung Fu Cup #31 FINALS! (PvT)
The finals of Kung Fu Cup #31! Zest and Cure match up in the final match we casted in 2020! #SC2 #StarCraft #StarCraft2Played : 31st December 2020Full tourna...
Zest (P) makes his third appearance in our matches of the week - this time, against Cure (T) in the Bo5 finals of the Kung Fu Cup #31


The OSC Championship 8, with a $5k+ prize pool, continues this week! It already had some pretty amazing games last week, so be sure to tune in.

Besides this major tournament, there are other smaller events to keep your StarCraft addiction met:

  • The weekly ESL Open Cup #51 and #52 on Monday (note: #51 was postponed to Monday, January 4th, for the AM and EU editions - let's hope they'll be able to run despite the continued server issues )
  • A Bo9 between Zoun (P) and Dream (T) on Wednesday, and another Bo9 between TIME (T) and DongRaeGu (Z) on Saturday: more details here
  • A string of Bo5 showmatches, called the BearMe Invitational #1: 1st showmatch is on Saturday, and is pretty high level: Clem (T) goes up against Elazer (Z). Check out the event here!

Also, here's another update on the Dank Templars - the People's Challenge #1, a Bo7 showmatch between 2 pros of your choice! The voting period has ended, and with 130 votes, these are the player leaderboards (number of votes in parentheses):

  • Players: Serral (45), TY (22), Maru (19), ByuN (17), Dark (16), PartinG (13), Harstem (12), Rogue (12), Reynor (11), Clem (9)

Now, we'll do our best to get your top choices confirmed as soon as possible! We'll post the full leaderboards and progress updates here.


  • ESL Open Cup #51, EU: Postponed to January 4, 2021, due to server issues
  • ESL Open Cup #51, KR: Trap (P) beats Solar (Z) in the finals, 3-1
  • ESL Open Cup #51, AM: Postponed to January 4, 2021, due to server issues

That's it for this week nerds. Thanks for reading, and if you wish to support/contribute, you can do so here! Keep raging and keep pwning. GLHF!