What. A. Week. Amazing Starcraft II action last week - here are the highlights you may have missed!


Our meme blew up on the subreddit last week, so you may have seen this one before ;)


Ghosts are OP. One EMP and basically all my army just lost half its hitpoints? And then the bio just shreds everything, like what the hell is this about, what am I supposed to do? And then with cloak it's even harder to stop them. I think the ghost EMP range should really be reduced.

We must say, it's not everyday we see Protoss complain about Terran. The balance whining dynamics usually go like this: Protoss whines against Zerg, Terran whines against everyone (including Terran in TvT), and Zerg usually keeps quiet because they know they have it good.
Back to ghosts. Protoss has so many ways to deal with them, you might consider: feedback, storm, disruptors (don't bunch them all up so they don't get EMP'ed at the same time), colossi, tempest, defensive shield batteries (also spread out) ... and no need to engage if you don't have to. And we don't think we're wrong in assuming you're in the metal leagues... keep a few disruptors alive and you might just have a chance. Indeed, a wise man once said: "all you need is a disruptor and a dream."
The problem here may not be a balance problem, but a lack of correct composition problem, and maybe a low APM problem. For the latter, check out the next section ;)


Is your APM lower than your heart rate? Then you need to up your game - or lower your heart rate.


Busy week and couldn't catch up on the best Starcraft II matches? No worries - we got you covered. We usually include c.5 games below. But this week was just so good we had to include c.10 (and it was hard not to include more; the list is unordered).

  • One of the greats, Rogue (Z), goes up against cheeky PartinG (P), in group A of the ASUS ROG Tournament; check out the replay here.
  • Another cheeky Protoss, MaxPax, faces the Terran player SpeCial (or Juanitoooo for the intimate), in group A of the ASUS ROG Tournament; watch the replay here.
  • Ok, stop whatever you're doing and do yourself a favor: watch this epic Bo5 between 2 SC2 legends, ByuN (T) and Reynor (Z)
  • Another ByuN (T) game, but this time against the Protoss Zoun, in the ITaX Trovo Rumble: watch it here.
  • Maru, arguably the best Terran in the history of SC2, goes up against Harstem (P), European streamer / YouTuber; should be an easy win for Maru, right? Watch what happened here.
  • European Protoss MaNa goes up against Korean Terran Dream in the Americas ESL Open Cup #46: check out the replay here.
  • Another legendary Korean  Terran, INnoVation, goes up against top European Protoss ShoWTimE; another easy Korean win, right? Check out what happened.
  • Before this match, Serral (Z) had won 11 straight games versus ShoWTimE (P) - what will be the outcome this time?
  • ByuN (T), Serral (Z), what the hell did we just watch?? Quite possibly one of the best series we've seen in a while: make sure to watch it here.
  • Another amazing high-level series, Reynor (Z) goes up against Maru (T) - the ZvT's last week were out of control. Catch the replay here.
  • Maru (T) and ByuN (T) have been friends for ages, and represent the creme de la creme of Terran; once the game is loaded though, friendship is thrown out of the window, and all-out war is declared. Get the popcorn ready and check out this awesome B07 played out between these two legends.


The ASUS ROG gave us a slew of amazing games last week. And this week looks like it's going to be even better - so much so, that we're considering taking a whole week off work due to a mysterious fake illness. Here's what we're looking out for:

  • GSL Super Tournament 2 2020: the top 16 Koreans will duke it out over a period of 2 weeks, starting December 2, and ending December 12. Maru (T) won the last GSL Super Tournament, who will win this time? For more info, check out the event's Liquipedia page
  • TeamLiquid StarLeague 6: starting December 5 and ending three weeks later (Dec 20), the top SC2 players from all around the globe (such as Maru, Serral, Reynor, etc.) will be going at it. Day9 will also be guest casting! For more info, check out the Liquipedia page
  • NeXT 2020 Winter: 15 of the top Koreans, and 1 Chinese Terran (TIME), will battle it out starting November 30, and finishing up later that week on December 6. Rogue (Z) won the Summer edition of the tournament. Can TIME pull the absolute upset and win the whole thing over 15 Koreans?? (probably not but it would make for a nice story). More details on the Liquipedia page


  • ASUS ROG Tournament: ByuN (T), just wow. Comes back from the military feeling this this, and wins one of the most stacked tounraments of the year, with a finals victory over Maru (T) 4-2
  • ESL Open Cup #46, EU: Heromarine (T) is back on top, for the 21st time (!!), without dropping a single map on his way to the finals where he beat MaNa (P) 3-0
  • ESL Open Cup #46, KR: Stats (P) beats Rogue (Z) in the finals, 3-1; Stats may well be the best Protoss in the world at the moment
  • ESL Open Cup #46, AM: Another Korean dominated finals, with Dream (T) taking it over Zoun (P) 3-2

That's it for this week nerds. Thanks for reading, and if you wish to support/contribute, you can do so here! Keep raging and keep pwning. GLHF!