Plenty of Starcraft II action last week, despite no GSL - here are the highlights you're craving.



Widow mines are disgusting. How is it fair that my whole mineral line can disappear in 5 seconds just because I didn't see that f*cking boosted medivac drops its fecal content in my base?

I mean ... here at the Dank Templars, we love to watch workers die. So much so, that we created  a special page (called The Graveyard) dedicated to posting the most beautiful worker deaths in Starcraft II. So ... you won't get much sympathy from us there.
All we can say is the following: we encourage you to also destroy your opponent's mineral line in the most spectacular way possible, to show dominance: storm drop? disruptor drop? or the ever elusive double colossi drop? Your choice, be as creative as possible.
Whatever it may be, we encourage you to let the rage flow. Let it build up, and use that energy to sh*t on your opponent's economy so heavily that he will be forced to insta-gg and reevaluate all his life decision that led to this moment.


16 things you wish you knew earlier in StarCraft 2
Like the title says, 16 things you wish you knew earlier in Starcraft 2! Some tricks and tips you can use in your own game play, enjoy! Twitter: https://twit...
Still as relevant as ever - small tips and tricks that we all wish we knew when we started playing Starcraft II. Might even help you defend against our patented 4:20 minute mark DT-rush (although probably not)


King of Battles: KB International Championship - Group A (Ro16)
Event Page - Patreon: Twitter:…
A Bo3 between Maru (T) v Serral (Z) - can a Korean Terran finally beat Serral?
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The French phenom Clem (T) goes up against the Ukrainian cheesecake Bly (Z) - should be an easy win for Clem, right?
Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers.
Another TvZ (sorry not sorry) - TIME (T) goes up against DRG (Z) in the semi-finals of the Korean ESL Open Cup
Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers.
Reynor, one of the best Zerg players in the world, decides to play as Protoss against Kelazhur (T) - not something you see every day!


  • King of Battles, Group A: Serral (Z) and Maru (T) advance, over Trap (P) and MaNa (P)
  • King of Battles, Group B: TY (T) and Clem (T) advance, over RagnaroK (Z) and uThermal (T)
  • ESL Open Cup #38, EU: We're still not sure exactly how, but Bly (Z) somehow made it all the way to the finals. And he won it all and then went to Korea and won the GSL blindfolded while riding a unicycle (just kidding he lost to ShowTime (P))
  • ESL Open Cup #38, KR: DRG (Z) takes it over SpeCial (T)
  • ESL Open Cup #38, AM: If you don't succeed, try again. That's exactly what SpeCial did, switching over to the AM cup after his finals loss in the KR one, only to win it all, defeating goblin (P) 3-1 in the finals

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