Blizzard announced it is decreasing the level of support for Starcraft II going forward - but it doesn't matter: the scene will still be as active as ever, and we're still going to produce the best memes. Now here's a recap of last week!


No women were (permanently) harmed in the making of this gif - the same cannot be said for the souls of Protoss noobs


Is this game going to survive the news that Blizzard is basically ending support for Starcraft II?

Yes. This game has been community driven for ages, and will continue to be. Just keep the rage flowing and use it as fuel to keep the game alive and thriving.


Busy week and couldn't catch up on the best Starcraft II matches? No worries - we got you covered.

[2020 GSL S3] Ro.8 Match2 Stats vs INnoVation
[2020 GSL S3] Ro.8 Match2 Stats vs INnoVation RO8 Day1: TY, DRG, Stats, INnoVation
Defensive guru Stats (P) up against the Machine INnoVation (T) - we should note that Stats was in the hospital for the duration of the prior week
[2020 GSL S3] Ro.8 Match3 Armani vs Zest
[2020 GSL S3] Ro.8 Match3 Armani vs Zest RO8 Day2: Armani, Zest, Maru, Trap
Fashion icon Armani (Z) and fruit enthusiast Zest (P) duke it out 
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In a rematch of WW2, the German HeRoMaRinE (T) goes up against the Polish souL (T) - who will win this time?
[2020 GSL S3] Ro.8 Match4 Maru vs Trap
[2020 GSL S3] Ro.8 Match4 Maru vs Trap RO8 Day2: Armani, Zest, Maru, Trap
Teammates Maru (T) and Trap (P) fight in the Ro8 of GSL - who will make it to the Ro4?
ITaX Trovo Weekly #6 | Finals
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Rogue (Z) vs Dream (T) in the Finals of the Trovo weekly


  • GSL 2020 Season 3, Ro8: TY (T) destroys DRG (Z) 3-0, Armani (Z) wins the upset vs Zest (Z) 3-2, Stats (P) wins over INnoVation (T) 3-2, and Maru (T) wins over Trap (P) 3-1
  • ESL Open Cup #40, EU: Clem (T) wins against souL (T), 3-1
  • ESL Open Cup #40, KR: Dark (Z) takes it over Rogue (Z), 3-2
  • ESL Open Cup #40, AM: Solar (Z) wins again, this time over MaxPax (P) 3-1

That's it nerds.  This week is looking great - DreamHack will be back on Wednesday, so look out for that. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and to send us your rage rants to Keep raging and keep pwning. GLHF!