No DreamHack last week. So instead of watching Starcraft II 12 hours a day, nerds across the world had the chance to actually be productive - by playing Starcraft II 12 hours a day (without increasing their MMR). Anyway, here are the Starcraft II highlights of last week!


Trying to be fancy with widow mines... forgetting about friendly fire


This week's Rage Rant of the Week is louder than words. This back base on a 2v2 map was hotly contested between ... allies. We applaud the dedication and the never-back-down attitude of these two players. Also notice how the Protoss player tries to block his ally's gas with two pylons - this is the type of silent rage and creativity the Dank Templars feast upon.


The Fastest BEST-OF-5 In StarCraft 2 History?
One insanely quick series between Varya and Marinelord, one of the fastest best of 5s in starcraft 2 history? Watch the Starcraft 2 2020 ESL Pro Tour: http:/...
Having trouble in lategame TvZ ? Learn how to capitalize on the early game with MarineLord


StarCraft 2: THE MAP IS MINED OUT! (Serral vs Neeb)
One of the craziest ladder games of StarCraft 2. In this Zerg versus Protoss between Serral and Neeb we see what the ultimate late game of this matchup curre...
A campaign-like mission where "Brutal" mode means facing the world's best player
[2020 GSL S3] Ro.16 Group A Match5 Zoun vs Armani
[ENG] 2020 GSL S3 Code S RO16 Group A Group A: TY, Dream, Armani, Zoun
The winner makes it to the round of 8 of GSL - who will it be?
ByuN vs Stats - BYUN IS BACK - ESL Weekly Cup! (TvP)
I’m SO EXCITED that ByuN is back from the military - and he is looking AMAZING already! He takes on Stats in the ESL Open Cup Korea semi-finals. Played : 21s...
God of Micro vs God of Defense
King of Battles: KB International Championship - KR Qualifier #1
Event Page - Patreon: Twitter:…
A Maru (T) vs Zest (P) match outside of the GSL tournaments? Yes please.


  • GSL 2020 Season 3, RO16 Group A: TY (T) and Armani (Z) make it into the round of 8, knocking out Zoun (P) and Dream (T)
  • GSL 2020 Season 3, RO16 Group B: Zest (P) and DRG (Z) take out Cure (T) and Solar (Z) to make it into the round of 8
  • ESL Open Cup #37, EU: Serral (Z) wins 3-1 over Clem (T). We hope Serral joins more of the weekly cups - not sure HeroMarine (T) shares our enthusiam though
  • ESL Open Cup #37, KR: Stats (P) takes it over Hurricane (P) 3-2
  • ESL Open Cup #37, AM: SpeCial (T) dominates MaNa (P) 3-0, winning the tournament for the first time in his career

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